A Dog Walker in Dunkeswell

A dog walker’s favourite walks

-This is a circular dog walking loop, which starts and finishes in Dunkeswell.

– It takes us about an hour (unless we spend an hour at the stream!)

-There is a little on road, and two fields often containing livestock, so remember your lead!

-There is an alternative if you wish to avoid cows!

Dog standing next to Dunkeswell village hall demonstrating the direction of the dog walk

This lovely loop begins at Dunkeswell Village Hall.

Follow the road to the left of the village hall. Pass through the old part of Dunkeswell village and then a climb up the other side. Sometimes I run this, and this is the toughest part by far. It’s not long and much more doable at a walking pace! Say hello to the horses as you pass and remember it is a road, so keep an ear out for cars.

A junction in the road at the top of Dunkeswell village, showing the dog walker takes a left here

At the T juntion at the top of the road we take a breath, and a left!

You will reach a right hand bend in the road, but there is a clear footpath straight ahead. There are some lovely hand made signs to point you in the right direction. Take this footpath which is a gradual downhill. Here we let our dogs walk off lead and it becomes increasingly more beautiful and green. You may spot a fellow dog walker on this stretch, we have also found wild garlic and lots of squirrels!

When you reach the bottom of the hill, keep your eye out for this little wooden bridge on the left. As a dog walker this is a gorgeous place to stop, the dogs play here happily in the water collecting stones and sticks

After crossing the bridge you’ll find that if there has been rain recently, the next section is quite boggy. Best to wear decent dog walker boots if you’re doing this walk when its wet!

A small building with a sign post showing direction for dog walker to pass though gate behind

Continuing up and away from the stream, the path is again signposted and heads off to the right. You will cross a little flow of water and walk uphill. On the gate at the top is map of the Dunkeswell area, if you feel inclined to check out where in the world you are. After passing through the gate the path heads up and left. You can’t go wrong just follow the track.

Woodland with signpost for dog walker showing a right hand turn

Just before the farm at the top you will see a small gate on the left. Again it’s signposted. A responsible dog walker will put leads back on here, or keep dogs under strict control as it is farm land. Often there are sheep or cows in the 2 adjoining fields so it’s important that dogs stick to the path.

If you are a dog walker who prefers to avoid farmland entirely, you can keep on going past this gate, past the farm and follow the road which leads around the fields. With one left turn when the road ends, it takes you all the way back to Dunkeswell. It’s very easy and you find yourself back in the village

A small gate within a grassy field through which the dog walker will pass to continue the walk

Otherwise stick close to the fence across the two farm fields. You will pass the farm buildings and find yourself back on a track. Keep your eye out for the old cattle grid on the road, and this gate is to the left of it. Beware this fence is electric, we don’t want a shocked dog (or dog walker!)

A woodland of bluebells in spring

You will come to a wooden gate which opens into this small woodland. This is my favourite part of the walk. As a dog walker based in Dunkeswell, I get to see this woodland in all seasons but my favourite time is Spring when the bluebells are incredible. The path runs right through the centre so you are surrounded by wonderful shades of blue and green. It’s only short so breathe it all in before we are home!

A signpost showing Dunkeswell

At the end of the woodland you pop out onto the road into Dunkeswell village. Just take a left turn and you will enter the back side of the village

To avoid the busier road take the first left signposted Dunkeswell

The Church in Dunkeswell that the dog walker will walk past on their entrance to the village

Walking past St Nicholas Church, I always appreciate how beautiful Dunkeswell village is, it has such character and vibrancy. If you continue straight on you will find yourself back at the Village Hall where you started. Circuit complete!

We’d love to know if you do this dog walk, or if you know any other great dog walking routes in the area.

If you are looking for a dog walker in Dunkeswell please get in touch. We take small groups to various exciting locations and also offer home based daycare, home boarding and dog training. We serve Honiton, Dunkeswell, Upottery, Hemyock, Combe Raleigh, Churchinford and Broadhembury

Email us at whatsupdogdevon@gmail.com or send us a message on facebook if you are interested in finding out more.

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